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Michael started performing with Mr Punch as a child. Now he has a fine set of carved figures with years of experience.
Over the Summer Michael performs at numerous fetes, schools and outside events.
Michael is regularly re-booked for this work by many local authorities.
Michael is fully self contained. He carries groundsheets for the Children to sit on and a public address system
that has it's own power supply, so there is no need for trailing leads.
He is often asked to perform magic before each show and he is very happy to do this.
"Michael is the best Punch and Judy we've ever had"
Goffs Oak Community Association

Tips for bookers
The sun does not want to shine into the audience's eyes or the audience will not stay for long.
It does not matter if the sun shines in the performers eyes (they will have sunglasses).

Nor does the booth want to be in front of or next to a band or disco. We have amplification but it will not be as powerful as theirs.
A corner spot that is sheltered from powerful gusts of wind, and has the sun behind the audience is ideal.
In order to present the show to a modern audience, the performer will need to bring a reasonable amount of equipment on site.
It would be helpful if he could either drive up to where he is performing or a nearby parking space is reserved for him.